Renaissance Man

Welcome to the community! Here are the available services!

Mumble Chat Server. To use this, get the client here and add us: Client

This is an encrypted, self hosted server with the purpose of preserving catholic thought in the anglosphere amidst modernist revolution

Some Responsibilities

1. If you find something cool and catholic, please share it here
2. If you have a suggestion for additional server stuff, post it in the suggestions chat
3. If you have any problems in life, if you can abstract out people involved, feel free to ask for help from everybody


1. No pornography or simping of any sort.
2. No hatred of any man
3. No blasphemy
4. Keep all conversation that pertains to a subject in the particular room for its purpose

Matrix/Riot Text and Audio Chat Server

Go on, create the account following the rules, and then click explore. This will show you the public rooms on the server.

Icecast 2 Internet Radio Server

RSS Feeds to get you started